Ultimate Ninja is a net.hero created by wReam. See also Ultimate Ninja (series).

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Bandwagon Boy, Lenny

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Leader of the LNH


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The Ultimate Ninja first appeared in the fall of 1992 as a wildcard who had a grudge against the LNHer Spelling Boy. It was during Cry.Sig that he helped the LNH defeat the Crossover Queen and joined the team.

Shortly after, he became leader as part of a power-sharing triumvirate that consisted of him, Rebel Yell, and Continuity Champ. Eventually, he would take full control after Continuity Champ appeared to have died and Rebel Yell left the Legion due to Lurk of Faith.

In late 1993, he was replaced by an evil version of himself and was held prisoner in an alternate dimension for more than a year. He eventually got out and defeated his evil version.

During his early years as a member of the LNH, he had another heroic identity as Bandwagon Boy. He dropped that identity after his time imprisoned on the alternate universe. During some of the flashbacks he has, he goes by the name of Lenny.

In 2006, he was split into three different versions of himself. Two of those versions died during the Killfile Wars. It was all very confusing (and may or may not have even happened anymore).

In 2007, he took a month-long vacation during Infinite April (which lasted 465 days). When he came back, he was charged with murdering the villain wReamicus Maximus. In order to focus his attention on his legal difficulties, he resigned as leader and put in charge a triumvirate made up of Catalyst Lass, Irony Man, and Fearless Leader.

During the legal goings-on, he was kidnapped by the HexFire Club and replaced with wReamicus Maximus in an Ultimate Ninja clone body. He was kept in a hallucinatory dreamworld in one of Hex Luthor's secret prisons, but managed to break free and escape. Disguised as McLaughlin Man, he defeated the fake Ultimate Ninja. After Hex Luthor was taken down, he reclaimed leadership of the LNH.


Variable, due to the fact that almost all of the Writers have written him at one point or another. Some things abide, however. The Ultimate Ninja is short-tempered, yet good at keeping his anger almost under wraps; he is an excellent fighter, a grudging yet talented administrator, and a strong leader, able to keep this insane organization together and generally pointed in one direction.

Powers and Abilities

He is the ultimate fighting machine. He knows every single way to kill, hurt, or incapacitate a person, and is constantly inventing new ways in his head. He trains every day in the Peril Room, where he often battles an entire holographic version of the LNH, whom he usually dispatches in mere seconds.

Types of Attack

  • The Heartthrob (tm): This is his favorite. It involves pulling the heart out of his opponent's chest and letting them stare at it while it beats.
  • The Spinal Tap (tm): This attack involves pulling the opponent's spinal cord intact and using it as whip to carve the letter 'N' into the opponent's chest.
  • The Black Lotus Fingerlicking Maneuver (tm): This attack involves licking a specific pressure point on an opponent's finger thus causing the opponent to fall into a deep coma. The Ultimate Ninja taught this attack to Cauliflower the Christmas Miracle Pooch.


Though the Ultimate Ninja is an expert in all sorts of weapons and can even use an eyelash to slay his opponents, his favorites are the Ninja Bush and the Ginsu Katana.


He is usually garbed in a black ninja suit that has a red, white, and blue belt.


He has a niece, Ultimate Nina, who he has trained in the ways of the ninja. He also trained Cheesecake-Eater Lad. Ultimate Mercenary tried to be his protege/sidekick, with little success.

John and Sally are his personal assistants.


In the 2001 Accies, Ultimate Ninja won Accies Favorite LNHer, and in the 2005 RACCies, he was awarded RACCies Favorite Hero/Protagonist.

Trading Card

LNH Cards - Ultimate Ninja Front.png LNH Cards - Ultimate Ninja Back.png
Character art by Arthur Spitzer from the LNH Webcomic. Card design by Andrew Perron.


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