Skunk Girl is a net.hero created by Ted Brock. See also Agent Mephitidae.

Alter Ego:

Stacy Boomer



Primary Writer:

Ted Brock


Member of the LNH, member of The Core LNH, former member of the a.outSiders


Free For Use

Skunk Girl


Skunk Girl's origin is not known for sure. One story suggests that she was genetically altered and memory-implanted by Manga Man to think that she was Panta's cousin; however, this may or may not be canon. Who knows.

She joined the LNH at the same time as a group of other heroes. Unfortunately, one of those other heroes, the Living Monotone, was assassinated, and in the aftermath, she and several others were locked up in the brig. Breaking out to clear their names, they became the a.outSiders.

After said names were cleared, she joined the LNH full-time.


Aggressive and snarky. Kind to her friends. Enjoys being girly, but dislikes being seen as weak.

Powers and Abilities

Proportionate strength and agility of a skunk. Retractable claws and enhanced senses. The "Skunk Blast", a burst of powerful stench from her tail.

Usually wears some form of body armor. Trained as a black ops specialist.


An anthropomorphic skunk, with black fur, a white stripe, and a bushy tail. Generally considered distractingly attractive.


Category Classic LNH Members
Category a.outSiders
Category Free For Use

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