Master Blaster is a net.hero created by Robert Ramirez and Martin Phipps.

Alter Ego:

Robert Ramirez



Primary Writer:

Martin Phipps, Tom Russell


Available, ladies! Oh right, married. Uh, member of the LNH




Master Blaster was brought from rec.arts.comics.xbooks to the LNH by his friend Deja Dude, and has served as a member in dubious standing ever since.


Likes to socialize with people of the female gender. Generally somewhat rude and offensive. Think of Guy Gardner without the saving graces.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman strength and agility. The ability to call up any weapon, preferably big guns, and be able to use them. For additional munchkinism, he also has a supergenius rational split personality which takes him over at times.


Usually carries a BIG gun. Leather costume with no sleeves, lots of pouches and belts, and bits of armor on it. Sometimes wears sunglasses.


Married to Sister State-The-Obvious, which he occasionally regrets, though he genuinely loves her. They have a daughter, Maria. He is good friends with Deja Dude and Sarcastic Lad, and has gotten into conflicts with Pocket Man and Occultism Kid. He loves to torment WikiBoy.


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