In 1992, members of rec.arts.comics answered the call and formed the Legion of Net.Heroes.

In 2012, the call is going out again! LNH20 is a new universe, built from the ground up to bring together all the best parts of the original LNH! Anyone can come and join - just open up rec.arts.comics.creative and jump in!

The name "LNH20" represents the 20th anniversary of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, but can also be read as "LNH 2.0", signifying a new version of the story (as well as whatever people mean by Web 2.0). LNH20 is more focused on humorous adventure than the direct comic-book parody of the Classic LNH. (...but it was created as a parody of DC's "New 52" reboot, so take this with a grain of salt.) Writers are working around the clock to make sure that it's a place where anyone who wants to can jump in and write a story, with a cast of characters specifically given up to the public toybox.

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