Kid Kirby is a cosmic net.hero created by Jameel al Khafiz.

Alter Ego:



The Kirbian

Primary Writer:

Jameel al Khafiz


Member of the LNH


Reserved, but usable with permission


Kid Kirby's origins are unknown. A story he told Sing Along Lass implied that he is an Earth human who gained the Power Kirby within recent history, but conversations with the ancient Windrider contradict this. It is known, however, that he is not the first Kirbian.


Kid Kirby is aloof. He gets along well enough with his fellow LNHers, but his cosmic station requires that a certain distance be maintained. He expects people to listen to him, and will not be ignored. Indignance comes easily to the Kirbian, who is prone to long speeches; he is very expressive. Silver Surfer without the angst is a good comparison. He is closest to his fellow scientists since they can keep up when he takes the conversation to a higher level.

Kid Kirby's relationship with Sing Along Lass, his herald, is like that of an uncle with a favorite niece. He is stern during training, but will (sometimes reluctantly) actually socialize alongside her at ceremonies and the like. Those who would harm Sing Along Lass do so at risk of incurring Kid Kirby's wrath, which is a terrible thing to behold.

His relationship with the non-cosmic races is that of an older brother who is there when absolutely needed but wants to see the younger sibling able to stand up for itself. His relationship with the Cosmos-class Entities varies. He is a peer to many, but most RACelestials ignore him.

Powers and Abilities

Kid Kirby is the wielder of the "Power Kirby", a cosmic energy from the "Kirby Zone". The Kirby Zone, strangely enough, resembles the classic Ditko dimension, complete with wild colors, tentacles and paths going off to infinity, floating rocks, and the everpresent eyeballs. The Power Kirby give the Kirbian the standard set of cosmic powers: flight, great strength and endurance, energy blasts, and cosmic senses. Kid Kirby channels his power through his Kirbian Armor, a marvel of technology that covers him completely and is never removed.

Kid Kirby is able to access the Kirby Zone for Kirbytech that can be built into a nearly endless assortment of technological items, but these items must be maintained by a source of the Power Kirby (Kid Kirby or his herald, Sing Along Lass) or they return to the Kirby Zone. Because of this limitation, Kid Kirby uses mundane raw materials for items that need to last.

Kid Kirby can access the Power Kirby via "X-Element" to open Boom Tubes, localized wormholes of variable diameter that can link two points of nearly any distance by a tube only a few dozen yards long maximum. This is an extreme drain on his energy reserves; thus, he uses the Boom Tubes sparingly.


Kid Kirby's true appearance is known to only Sing Along Lass. All other appearances have been in his Kirbian armor, which resembles a seven-foot-plus Celestial with Kirbytech accessories. The whole assembly constantly changes appearance; look away and look back and it will look subtly different.


Note on Appearances

Any appearance may be a KirbyBot, robots that Kid Kirby maintains that look exactly like him and can pass the most rigorous tests of identity. This allows him to be in multiple places at the same time, avoids continuity snarls, and renders Kid Kirby immune to retcon, since any retcon can itself be retconned as having happened to a KirbyBot.

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