Irony Man II is a deep time net.hero created by Andrew Perron.

Alter Ego:



The Advance Agent

Primary Writer:

Andrew Perron


Member of the LNH, Agent of the Intergalactic Network





When Irony Man retired, he invoked the Miss Terious/Sir Prize Act of 1966, which stated that any attempt by a resigning member to nominate a new person with an unrevealed identity and hidden secrets to replace them had to be accepted. Thus, Irony Man II joined the LNH, quietly on a search for the Messiah of Sincerity.

When the Dorfs invaded, Irony Man II used dramatic irony to reveal to the audience that she was from the future, and had secured the original Irony Man's support by giving the Dorfs a mindscan that they would have taken forcibly, killing Toony in the process.

The time she was waiting for came, in Flame Wars Final. She had been sent from the 1,992nd century, the Advance Agent of the Intergalactic Network of Intelligent Beings and Celestial Bodies, to smoke out the murderer of the Messiah of Sincerity. The Messiah was needed to not just stop, but recruit The Laziness against the power of the Serious Business.

A youth-ized version of Irony Man II exists as Irony Girl, inside the Power School 2013 story.


Friendly, but has a certain difficulty understanding people, both because of her distance from present-day culture, and because of consciously cultivated thought patterns.

Powers and Abilities

Wears a suit of highly advanced armor with various technological accoutrements.


The armor is smooth and streamlined, in tones of dark, gunmetal gray and the lighter gray of titanium alloy, with an expressionless faceplate. With it off, she has long dark hair and dark eyes, with highly defined lines but of a vague ethnicity. Tall and highly muscular.

While hiding her identity, spoke in a highly synthesized voice. Naturally, has a voice that's rich, cool, rough yet distinctly feminine.

Irony Man II by ohhicas.png
Illustration by ohhicas, commissioned by Andrew Perron


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