Fearless Leader is a net.hero created by Dave Van Domelen. See also Fearless Leader (LNH20).

Alter Ego:

Felix Landers



Primary Writer:



Member of the LNH


Free For Use


In an alternate Looniverse, Felix Landers was military liaison to the LNH, quickly becoming their leader during an attack by Flipseid. But Flipseid's curse lead to their world being destroyed by Spham, with FL as the only survivor.

He quickly became field leader and second-in-command of the LNH.

During Beige Countdown, he became leader of the LNH along with Catalyst Lass and Irony Man.

During Beige Midnight, he organized The Resistance against Hex Luthor.


Takes his duties seriously, no matter how silly they tend to be, and carries them out as best he can. This often results in him being the straight man to the Legion's silliness. Still carries survivor's guilt over his Looniverse.

Powers and Abilities

Master strategist. People tend to follow his lead. Trained in many fighting styles.


Wears a green-and-brown uniform patterned after US Special Forces, but with net.hero elements added. Wore a mask in his original world, but abandoned it when he came to the Looniverse.

Art by Dave Van Domelen, 1/12/96


For a time, he was romantically involved with Ripping Dancer.


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