Adrian J. McClure started writing for RACC in his late teens in 2002 with the vaguely Green Lantern-inspired Sentry, which lasted all of one issue, and joined the LNH with Ultimate Mercenary in 2003. He wrote that miniseries at a highly erratic pace for several years before succumbing to the Apathy Beast in 2006 and forgetting all about RACC for a good six years. In late 2011, however, he rediscovered RACC and returned from limbo just as a new era was beginning, somewhat like Captain America. He helped draw up a lot of the framework for LNH20 along with Andrew Perron and Lalo Martins. He's recently written several chapters of the Spoon of Destiny Saga, an increasingly incomprehensible and nonlinear attempt at a conclusion to Ultimate Mercenary, and an LNH20 Ultimate Mercenary series.

His work tends toward the highly mythic, introspective and descriptive. If there's an entry in this wiki that goes into ridiculous detail on backstory and has fairly convoluted syntax it was probably written by him.

Andrew Perron is his moirail and frequent behind-the-scenes collaborator. Together they maintain the LNH Tumblog.




He has hazel eyes.

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