This is the wiki all about the Legion of Net.Heroes! That incredible Internet fighting force, that bastion of Usenet herodom, those defenders of all that is net.good and net.righteous! Front forward, true believers, and hark! to the tales of the LNH!

Newcomers to the LNH can get acquainted with the Welcome page and About the Legion of Net.Heroes! Once you're up to speed, why not check out the Latest LNH Stories? And if you're looking for more information...

The LNH has three main universes, LNH20, LNHY, and the Classic LNH. Here's the lowdown:

Information about the ideas, concepts, and the LNH as a writing group:

You can read the LNH at:

Archives for Old Stories are at:

For wiki editors, there's:

LNH Blogs:

LNH Writer Groups:

LNH Webcomics:

For more info, see also:

The former LNH wiki is here.

Lengthy Linger the Legion!

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